Consignment stock

We offer individual consignment stocks for your revisions! We provide standard elements (boltings, clamps, valves, washers, ...) directly at your construction site. You only pay the used parts - we bill on the basis of a previously agreed price lists, there is no risk for you.

Depending on the extent of your revision we offer material lockers or material containers (20' container). You can use these spare part depots on your own or with the help of a warehouse clerk of our company.

Enrollment of tower internals

The existing tower internals have to be analysed in advance of a turn around so that we are well prepared for revisions. Based on as-built-drawings the used internals and spare parts can be listed. Thus the right percentage of the various tower internals can be provided in the consigment stock.

For the digitalisation and administration of tower internals (from a single tower up to complete units and sites) we developed a special software programme "TIM" (Tower-Internals-Manger).

We would be pleased to present you our support possibilities for turnaround services.