Round, plain washers

There are different sizes for different tasks.



Round, plain washer.
The types listed below show only part of our stock list. If you are looking for a not listed part, please contact us.

Element list

ID Name Material Comment A B C D Image
PW-20x10.5 Plain Washer ø20x10,5x2mm A F N T 20 10.5 2
PW-24x13 Plain Washer ø24x13x2mm A C D F N T 24 13 2
PW-25x11 Plain Washer ø25x11x2mm A C D F N T 25 11 2
PW-30x10.5 Plain Washer ø30x10,5x2mm A C D F N T 30 10.5 2
PW-30x13x2 Plain Washer ø30x13x2mm A C D F N T 30 13 2
PW-34x11x3 Plain Washer ø34x11x3mm A C D F N T 34 11 3
PW-39x11x3 Plain Washer ø39x11x3mm A C D F N T 39 11 3
PW-39x13x3 Plain Washer ø39x13x3mm A C D F N T 39 13 3
PW-39x17x3 Plain Washer ø39x17x3mm A C D F N T 39 17 3
PW-45x11 Plain Washer ø45x11x2mm A C D F N T 45 11 2
PW-45x11x3 Plain Washer ø45x11x3mm A C D F N T 45 11 3
PW-50x11x3 Plain Washer ø50x11x3mm A C D F N T Z 50 11 3
PW-50x17x3 Plain washer ø50x17mm A C D F N T Z 50 17 3


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