Round, domed washers

A domed washer combines the function of a plain washer and a spring washer: it creates the required prestressing in the screw connection. To reach this spring effect, the washer must not be too thick and the material not too brittle.



Domed washer.
The types listed below show only part of our stock list. If you are looking for a not listed part, please contact us.

Element list

ID Name Material Comment A B C D Image
DW-30x11 Domed washer ø30x11mm A C D F N T 30 11 2
DW-39x11 Domed washer ø39x11mm A C D F N T 39 11 2
DW-45x11 Domed washer ø45x11mm A C D F T 45 11 2


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