Rectangular washers

Rectangular plain washers are defined by their lenght, width, size of the hole and material thickness. In case the hole is not centred in the washer, it is written in the description.

There are also special versions: rectangular, profiled seal plates with a central ribbing (Profiled metal sheets) and sliding plates with a rectangular shape exist (Manhole washers) in the range of manhole bolting connections.



Rectangular washer.


Rectangular washer with D-hole (to use for manway boltings).


Special rectangular washer with cross-hole and welding nobs.
The types listed below show only part of our stock list. If you are looking for a part that is not listed, please contact us.
ID Name Material Comment A B C D Image
RW-55x50-11-3 Rectangular washer 55x50x3mm with hole 11mm A C D F T 55 50 11 3
RWA-55x50-11-20-3 Rectangular washer 55x50x3mm with hole 11mm, 6mm lengthwise acentric A C D F T 55 50 11 20
RWD-50x25x3 Rectangular washer 50x25x3mm with D-hole 10x8mm (Norton Standard E1-H1) A D F N T 55 25 8 3
RWD-50x25x5 Rectangular washer 50x25x5mm with D-hole 10x8mm A D F N T 55 25 8 5


Please refer to the material information.