Gasket washer

Gasket washers are used in boltings to seal the panel area on the one hand and the thread area on the other hand. This is the reason why the gasket washers have a smaller inner diameter than the nominal diameter of the thread.



Plain washer.
The types listed below show only part of our stock list. If you are looking for a not listed part, please contact us.

Element list

ID Name Material Comment A B C D Image
PW-25x9x2 Plain washer 25x9x2mm Klingersil C-4400 25 9 2
PW-30x9x2 Plain washer 30x9x2mm Klingersil C-4400 30 9 2
PW-39x9x2 Plain washer 39x9x2mm Klingersil C-4400 39 9 2
PW-45x9x2 Plain washer 45x9x2mm Klingersil C-4400 45 9 2


Please refer to the information of gasket material.