Usually, single nuts are used in screw connections. In special cases these connections have to be secured (lock nuts, lock plates, tack welded, spring lock washers, domed washers).

Standards are highlighted green.


Hexagonal nut, metric thread (DIN934).


Hexagonal nut, UNC-thread.
The types listed below show only part of our stock list. If you are looking for a not listed part, please contact us.

Element list

ID Name Material Comment A B C D Image
HN-M10 Hexagonal nut M10mm A C D F N T Z Standard 10
HN-M12 Hexagonal nut M12mm A C D F 12
HN-M16 Hexagonal nut M16mm A C D F N 16
HN-M20 Hexagonal nut M20mm A C D F 20
HN-M6 Hexagonal nut M6mm A 6
HN-M8 Hexagonal nut M8mm A C N 8
HN-U12 Hexagon full nut UNC 1/2" A F 0.5
HN-U38 Hexagon full nut UNC 3/8"


Please refer to the bolting material.